Results and Products

1. Project Website

2. Final Manual – Good Practices Manual is a publication (available as PDF) which contains descriptions of modern didactic methods and tools, as well as  examples of good practices, findings, conclusions and recommendations.

3. Articles/descriptions on the use of  the methods:

– Team work (PDF file)
– Creating and using films for didactic purposes (PDF file)
– E-learning and blended learning (PDF file)
– Mobility as a learning tool (PDF file)

4. Leaflet for project promotion and dissemination (available here as PDF). It contains basic information concerning the project, its objectives, activities undertaken and description of project results.

5. WordPress Syllabus
Syllabus on the theme how to build a website with WordPress. It describes and explains in an easy way to beginners how to build a website with WordPress. (Available in Polish language as a PDF file). It can also be used by teachers who would like to use the blog or website as an additional resource for their students.


Results and Products achieved at the level of the 1-st year of project implementation:

1. Project Website
2. Project LOGO
3. Evaluation questionnaire forms for mobility participants available for filling up ONLINE  (PDF file – just for demonstrative purposes).

4. Draft Manual (for internal purposes at this phase of project implementation, manual will be publish when Final version of it is ready).

The project was divided in two phases:

1st phase: was dedicated to research, finding information and developping ideas related to the different didactic methods.  As we planned, each country/organisation presented one method:

  • Team work (Spain)
  • Creating and using films for didactic purposes (Turkey)
  • e-learning and blended learning (Poland)
  • Mobility as a learning tool (Ireland)

All presented methods have been discussing and analysing in deep. At the end of this period a first draft manual was created.

2nd phase: means second year of the project implementation. The ideas reflected on the draft manual were tested and put into practice. Each institute choose one method, adapted and implemented it within their own organisation. Some corrections and improvements were made in order to finish a definite final manual. Description of the methods, findings, recommendations and good practices descriptions were collected as a manual for adult educators. The final product of the project is this MANUAL.