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CEPA Rio Sorbe (Spain)

We are a public school of Education for Adults located in Guadalajara (Spain). We have formal and non-formal teachings such as Secondary Education for Adults, Vocational Training, University- Access Training, English, French and Computer studies, among others. We also work together with other local institutions such the „Red Cros”, „Cáritas”, „SEPECAM” (Regional Unemployment Agency), and the City Hall authorities. Our students live in the city and in little villages of the province, where we also have teaching centres.The main objective of the school is to provide students an alternative opportunity to access further adult education studies or to facilitate the inclusion of our students in the labour market.


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netEDUKACJA (Poland)

The netEDUKACJA is a training centre and a SME (IT sector and e-learning) situated in Gliwice, Silesia Region, Poland. The netEDUKACJA directs its educational services to adults. We offer also in-service training for teachers (related to modular education in a school practice, the process of recognition, validation and accreditation of prior learning outcomes, evaluation and assessment, etc.). Some of courses for teachers are provided online. The institute core staff and associates have many years of practice and pedagogical experience, as former teachers, in the area of public adult education and VET as well as a high level of expertise in modular curricula development, designing and elaboration of training materials and organising educational process with supporting it by ICT tools and e-learning methods.
Regarding IT activity, netEDUKACJA develops LMS, websites, e-learning contents, etc. These competences give a good contribution for projects development considering the technical and methodology requirements.


Esenler İlce Milli Eğitim Mudurluğu (Turkey)

Esenler District Education Authority includes all the govermental and non-govermental Primary schools and Secondary schools in the district. Furthermore, public training centers, govermental and non-govermental vocational schools and teachers in these education institutions are bound to it. It has 1500 teachers,83.000 students and 4500 students from vocational high schools.

The District Directorate of National Education ( Local Authority of National Education ) in Esenler (Istanbul), is a regional governmental organisation which is responsible of all educational activities and administration covering all forms of education: Formal Education (Pre-School, Primary, Lower Secondary, Upper Secondary, Technical/Vocational Schools), Non-Formal Education, Adult Education, Apprenticeship Training and In-Service Training in Istanbul area, under the Ministry of Education.

The Department of EU Education and Youth Programs is the one which is in charge of the activities related to EU Projects. Some of the activities of the department are:

-Training to teachers and vice/principals to prepare and run EU Projects.

-Organise various types of projects within EU Education and Youth Projects.

-Establish partnerships for EU Projects.

-Follow the news and developments of EU Education and Youth Projects.

The target group of the organisation covers all teachers and students who are willing to organise and be involved in any type of EU Projects, including Youth in Action Programs. Our responsibility is to give the technical aid and facilities for their project studies and partnerships. Additionally, another part of our tasks is making partnerships and developing EU projects with institutions, such as Universities, Guiding and Counseling Centers and Adult Education Centers located within the region, as our local partners. Therefore, in matter of Youth Programs, the target group is very wide, from general and Upper Secondary Schools to Technical/Vocational teachers, students and adult students. Our role in the project is to ensure that all technical aspects and difficulties concerned with cinema are solved since we have access to professionals dedicated to this field. We will also work on the specific part of the project dedicated to films for didactic purposes.

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St. John’s Central College (Ireland)

St. John’s Central College is a college of further education and training, run by the Cork Education and Training Board, situated close to the centre of Cork city, Ireland. We have close to twenty five years experience in the further education sector. Our reputation has been established as one of the leading educational and training colleges in the South of Ireland, with a strong focus on the technological, design and services industry sectors. Our courses are vocational, student-centred, dynamic and are designed to meet current market needs. They are a response to the demand for flexible job orientated training and education. Our courses are validated by the Further Education and Training Awards Council (FETAC) and offer progression on to third level courses as well as directly to employment. Students are 18+ years of age, with approximately 50% of students being under 23 years of age. People of all ages and abilities are welcomed at the College. St. John’s Central College has a strong commitment to the European dimension in Education and has been involved in mobility, development and training projects with European partner colleges since 1995.