About the Project

Grundtvig Learning Partnership Project

Name of the project

New Teaching Methods For Adults

Duration of the project

24 months: 1.08. 2013 – 31.07.2015


This partnership main aim is to find and explore new methods for teaching adults. That is, to find new ways to motivate learners so that they can obtain the degree to continue studying or to access the work market. Moreover, we want to share and propose this new tools to other teachers who want to use creative approaches in the classroom.

During the project the participating organizations will explore how to best utilize tools such films, e-learning and group work.

The project will be divided in two phases:

– 1st phase: It will be dedicated to research, find information and develop ideas related to the different didactic methods. At the end of this period a first draft manual will be created.

– 2nd phase: The ideas reflected on the draft manual will be put into practice and they will be applied in classrooms. It will be important to make corrections and improvements in order to finish a definite final manual. The final product will be this manual. We assume that each country/organisation will represent one method (e.g. creating and using films for didactic purposes, e-learning and blended learning, theatre method, team work, etc.)

All presented methods are going to be discussing and analysing in deep, and then, each institute choose at least one method, adapt and implement it within their own organisation. Description of the methods, findings, conclusions and recommendations will be collected (as a manual/guide-book for adult educators).