5th Transnational Project Meeting, Istambul, 22-27/03/2015

The meeting starts with some culture activities such as visiting Topkapı Panorama Museum, a place where we could see the conquest of İstanbul. Visit at schols were organized as well in order to give the participants some bacground as regards education process in the host country. Hosts organized also a trip to Polonezköy (on Wednesday 25/03). Two days were devoted in full to working sessions at Conference Room of İlçe Milli Eğitim Müdürlüğü. We started with discussion about the progress of the project in each partner institute.
Monica (Spain) talked about how they use movies. About how students are recording movies, but mainly watching movies and seeing if the students learn more. They do it in science classes. Spanish are recording students when they’re doing work in class – when they’re acting as teacher and trying to reverse the roles in the classroom. They ask for volunteers and the students want to participate. Afterwards they watch the video and see how they went. They improve on that.
Ireland is doing mobilities, and is testing online platforms like Moodle. Every student has a login to Moogle that’s their ID number. Everybody has to use it now in their school. They introduced it at the same time everywhere where possible to allow everyone to learn together. In some classes the students submit assignments through Moodle.
Burak (Turkey) doing classes w/ unemployed people, in English.
Karol (Poland) made a presentation as regards the course “How to Build a Website With WordPress”. It is an online, step by step, course which teaches the course participants how to create their own website or blog with using the WordPress CMS system. The course is available in English language as well. During the meeting, all partners were given login names and passwords for this course.
The last topic of the meeting was the issue of preparation of final version of manual.